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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hundreds Dead ? Is India splitting again

Mother India is not the same......seems like she was torn in 1947 and she continues to be torn further today. April, 2010, Indians, her very own children calling themseleves "Maoists" force to break away - they plunder, they kill. Is Chairman Mao guiding you ? Well, if so have a Tsing Tao - your mother still will always love you. Listen, to Pink Floyd (Roger Waters) and you will know.

Kashmir...(Cashmere for the rest of us), f__ked up by the islamists - Does India continue to break up for every idiosyncracy (sorry religion, philosophy and crap, whatever you call it....that you think you are into,   after thousands of years that we have been Indians? Whateva...Hello, get a life (not a suicide bomb)

You'll always be Indian to me...

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