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Friday, September 23, 2011

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: A 5 Ton Object is hurtling thru space at 18,000 MPH - To Hit Earth Sooner than previously expected !

The US space agency (Nasa) says that its out-of-control climate satellite is expected to crash to Earth sometime on Friday evening (GMT).

  • Experts say they will get a more precise idea in the last 12 hours before the satellite is due to return.
  • The satellite could come down during one of four possible orbits of Earth on Friday evening/Saturday morning.
  • Nasa says that debris could fall across an area 400-500km (250-310 miles) long.
  • The spacecraft would "not be passing over North America" when it is expected to be pulled through the atmosphere to Earth
  • The spacecraft could pass over Britain during its final passes over the planet.

More details on this story are blogged below

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